PhD and post-doc places for Computational and Systems Neuroscience: Research Center Juelich, Germany

Open Positions on the PhD and Postdoc level

The newly founded institute “Computational and Systems Neuroscience (INM-6)” is part of the Institute for Neuroscience and Medicine and the Institute of Advanced Simulation at the Research Center Juelich. PIs are affiliated with the renowned RWTH Aachen University.  The institute is currently composed of the laboratories “Statistical Neuroscience” headed by Prof. Sonja Gruen and “Computational Neurophysics” headed by Prof. Markus Diesmann.  The two laboratories combine approaches of large-scale modeling and simulation of brain networks with the analysis of multiple-channel recordings to explore cooperative neuronal activity (for details see and A third group concerned with theoretical anatomy will join later.

We have job openings for PhD and postdoctoral studies. Our team of experienced postdocs provides individual supervision and guidance in an integrated laboratory space. The institute is equipped with a dedicated high-performance computing facility and has access to the first peta-scale supercomputer in Europe (JUGENE) located on campus. The projects are carried out in the context of international collaborations of experimental and theoretical groups, for example the large-scale European BrainScaleS

We are seeking outstanding candidates primarily with background(s) in computational neuroscience, physics, mathematics or computer science for projects on:

– higher-order correlation structure of massively parallel spike data
– spatio-temporal scales of cortical interactions
– top-down and bottom-up neuronal processing in awake mammals
– simulation technology
– learning and plasticity in neuronal networks
– theory of spike correlation structure
– brain-scale neuronal network models

The call remains open until all positions are filled. If you are interested please contact us (  or with your electronic CV, list of publications (if applicable), letters of reference, research interests and a statement of motivation.

Prof. Dr.
Sonja Gruen
Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-6)
and Systems Neuroscience
Research Center Juelich
Theoretical Systems Neurobiology
RTWH Aachen
Aachen, Germany
tel. +49-(0)2461-61-4748 (secr), -9302, -9460 (fax)
mob. +49-(0)175-2972436

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