Workshop sobre Neurodinâmica em Edimburgo

Neurodynamics: a workshop on heterogeneity, noise, delays, and  plasticity in neural systems
Mar 5 – 7, 2012
Edinburgh, UK

Registration open (and will close on Jan 6 2012)

Although mathematical work on Neurodynamics has increased in recent  years, the study of heterogeneity, noise, delays, and plasticity needs  much further attention.  A firmer mathematical framework for treating  dynamical systems with these attributes will pave the way for a more  comprehensive understanding of the dynamic states of biological neural  networks, and their role in facilitating natural computation.  This  three-day conference will bring together experts in these key areas to  seed a new phase of theoretical work to develop those pieces of  mathematical theory which are critical for future realistic modelling  studies of the brain.

The meeting will consist of invited speakers and registered  participants, though will be limited to 100 people.
The schedule will  allow for a number of poster presentations.  This event is sponsored  by the EPSRC in association with the UK Mathematical Neuroscience  Network (

Invited speakers:

Paul Bressloff (Department of Mathematics, University of Utah)
David Cai (Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, New York  University)
Dmitri Chklovskii (Howard Hughes Medical Institute, Janelia Farm)
Claudia Clopath (Laboratory of Neurophysics and Physiology, Universite  Paris Descartes)
Carina Curto (Department of Mathematics, University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
Ila Fiete (Center for Learning and Memory, University of Texas at  Austin)
Toni Guillamon (Departament de Matemàtica Aplicada I, Universitat  Politècnica de Catalunya)
Boris Gutkin (Départment d’Etudes Cognitives, Ecole Normale Supérieure)
Rachel Kuske (Department of Mathematics, University of British Columbia)
Khashayar Pakdaman (Institut Jacques Monod, Université Paris Diderot/ CNRS)
Stefan Rotter (Bernstein Center Freiburg, University of Freiburg)
Nicholas Swindale (Department of Ophthalmology, University of British  Columbia)
Jonathan Touboul (NeuroMathComp Laboratory, INRIA/ ENS Paris)
Martin Wechselberger (School of Mathematics and Statistics, University  of Sydney)
Fred Wolf (Department of Non-linear Dynamics, Max-Planck-Institut for  Dynamics and Self-organisation)

The registration fee for the conference is 100.00 GBP.

A one-day “Tutorial Day” (covering key concepts in heterogeneity,  noise, delays, and plasticity in neural systems) for PhD students and  post-docs will also take place prior to the meeting (on Mar 4).  Some financial assistance is available to assist graduate students who attend BOTH the training workshop and the conference.

Further details of this meeting and how to register may be  found at

Scientific Organisers
Professor Stephen Coombes, University of Nottingham
Dr Yulia Timofeeva, University of Warwick

Tutorial Day Organiser
Dr Mark van Rossum, University of Edinburgh

Enquiries should be addressed to Audrey Brown:
Stephen Coombes
Professor of Applied Mathematics
School of Mathematical Sciences
Nottingham, UK

Tel:  0115 846 7836
Fax: 0115 951 3837

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